How Dr. Michael J. Duckett Created a Breakthrough "Miracle Formula" that restores memory function while helping replenish your brain’s “natural building blocks” and healthy cells
Users are reporting improvements in memory, concentration, and thinking power
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This sounds completely crazy!
Or so I thought it was…

That’s until I met Dr. Michael J Duckett.

You see, Dr. Michael J Duckett moved next door to me about 5 years ago. He was a great neighbor and I used to see him all the time. I noticed that within the last two years though, he completely changed…

Out of nowhere he went from always being home, to never being home.

One day I saw him pull into his driveway and I walked over to his house to see what he had been working on, and what he said, stunned me.
He told me he was formulating an all-natural memory solution that prevented something called STEP (Striatal-Enriched tyrosine Phosphatase) from destroying the brain's ability to both create new memories, and remember past ones.
The study, which has been conducted by a team of Researchers at Yale School of Medicine, announced the discovery of a drug compound called TC-2153, which targets the symptoms of severe memory diseases in mice.
He soon realized that If it worked in mice, who have 99.99% of all the genetic makeup humans have...

Then it might just work for anyone, right?

With the help of a former independent medical researcher for 30 years, and foremost expert in aging and STEP, Mr. Gerstein, Dr. Duckett have found new hope.
The two worked around the clock for three agonizing months out of a small lab space at a community college near my house.
Their big breakthrough came when they finally created something That Would, In Theory, Naturally, Safely, And Immediately Create An Emulation of TC-2153... And Kick STEP’s BUTT!
Something that is safe and powerful, and anyone could combine on their own…
This Super Memory Formula Program is what saved my life!

As I began to use this program, I told my wife I felt more like "myself" than I had felt in years... I was so excited I couldn’t wait and called her at work to even tell her about it. I said I was feeling "really sharp," and "focused," and by day 21, I really seemed to be firing on all cylinders. I mean I was just so sharp, I was remembering conversations we'd had a few days ago, a few months ago, and even years ago...My wife was beyond impressed.

It was an amazing and noticeable change in my demeanor according to my wife, but of course it still didn't really mean my severe memory illness was gone, and we had to be sure.

So, I drove with my wife back to the physician's office, and waited for nearly 8 hours while I underwent all sorts of cognitive tests...

And it was only then, as the physician read the results in disbelief, did we really, truly start to think that just maybe what we created had worked.

"These Results Of These Tests Are Absolutely Remarkable" The Doctor Said, "I've Never Seen Anything Like Them.

Not only do you show ZERO signs of this severe memory illness, even early onset...

You are demonstrating a higher capacity for memory recall and cognitive functionality than 90% of all the patients I see, even more so than totally healthy kids in their early 20s.”

I finally persuaded Dr. Michael J. Duckett to make a video and put it on YouTube to share this with other people. After uploading the video to YouTube something bizarre occurred...

The video kept getting removed for “Copyright” claims by some major pharmaceutical companies. They desperately did not want Dr. Duckett’s formula available for the public to use.

So we decided to put that video on a private website where it couldn’t be taken down.

You can watch the video where Dr. Michael J Duckett breaks down his secret formula. He will cover everything in this presentation.

Watch it now before the pharmaceutical companies force us to take it down.
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Becky Livingston
Becky Livingston

I was diagnosed with progressive senile dementia and tried numerous experimental medications prescribed by my doctor. None of them worked and my condition worsened. My daughter told me about the Super Memory Formula Program. I tried it and in 30-days, I was amazed. Further testing showed my cognitive functioning improved significantly. After using this program for the past six months, my memory is better than ever!
Jenny Bradmore
Jenny Bradmore

I never had a good memory but as I got older, I had a hard time remembering things. I constantly lost my keys and glasses. I couldn’t follow simple conversations without constantly dropping off right in the middle of talking. I was told, “This is just part of getting older.” I was only 45! My friend said she had a similar problem and starting using the Super Memory Formula Program. I tried this miracle program and not only did my memory improve, I have a better memory than ever before!
John Davenport
John Davenport

After losing my wife, my depression started to affect my memory. I couldn’t remember simple things and would forget everything unless I wrote it down. I would frequently get lost driving to simple places. I thought I may have come down with a severe memory illness but my doctor said it was brain degeneration due to chronic depression. There was no hope and I would have to live with it. My sister heard about the Super Memory Formula Program and bought it for me. Within one week, my depression started to get better, and I actually started to have a better memory than I did in my entire life.